YouTube Disabled Monetization for less than 10k views

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YouTube is a very popular video platform. Millions of people are watching YouTube daily, and day by day the creators are increasing too. YouTube is a free platform, it does not ask you your degree or background to make a video and earn money from it. That is the reason, YouTube got so popular among the creators over the world.

But, now you need to have at least 10,000 or 10k views before you apply for monetization and start earning money with YouTube. You can read the full official news here.

Earlier, it never asked you to have views or subscribers for earning money through YouTube. That is why, most of the bloggers used to enroll to YouTube partnership. So, they can approve Google AdSense as soon as possible.

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Why YouTube is not allowing monetization for less than 10k views on channel?

Many big companies recently boycotted YouTube Ads. This is the main reason for this step by YouTube. There were many people having the click bait title and thumbnail, and having an irrelevant and rubbish content. And such videos were going viral and making it to Trending list for a long time. Advertisers got annoyed on this tendency. Their ads were being shown on irrelevant content, which leads to almost zero conversion for the advertisers. So, YouTube had to take this effort.

Small YouTubers, do not worry!!

Why am I saying this? As far as your content is good, you will get a thumbs up from the people. Keep working hard and keep uploading your content daily, this is how you get success and grow your channel. Do not worry, about the views. Just keep doing what you like doing and keep sharing good and valuable things that people likes to watch. Do not fall in trap of making viral videos. One of your clickbait video gets viral, then what after that? How long will you be able to do that? Start posting your passion, which you are able to talk endlessly. Keep researching, keep working and Keep sharing.

New YouTube Monetization Process

  • Have a good content, no copyright.
  • No click baits as long as you have the content mentioned on the video is accurate.
  • Only monetize after you complete 10k views on your channel. This means doesn’t matter how many videos you have, you should have an overall of 10000 views on your channel.
  • Then, you need to apply for monetization and they will look on your channel, your content and everything, before they actually verifies you. Yes, it is not so simple anymore, you need to struggle like a blogger.

Anyways, this things will not matter to the honest creators, who works day and night to make that one video which is helpful, good and entertaining. Things will work out to them, if they keep doing what they like doing.

To all those, people who were behind making money, STOP it now. Follow your passion, make videos on what you like, which you can speak all your life. Don’t run over money, Work for passion. YouTube is a great platform for that. It does not take your interview on your education and your grades. Utilize the platform properly and make life easier for the honest workers too.



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