Why YouTube should not be your career

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YouTube, today is a huge platform for the creators to present their talent in front of millions of people within a second. It is a video sharing platform where everyone is invited to share their ideas. YouTube never demands a certificate to show the world who you are. Maybe, that’s the reason why people are now signing up on YouTube and showing their skills. It has not only given chance for musicians and actors, but also for the people who has a passion to do something in life.

YouTube as a Career

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Today, many people owns a phone with a camera attached, and has an access to internet. There’s billions of people watching YouTube in a second. And there are thousands taking up their phone or camera and uploading videos on YouTube, who are starting new. All those, new faces has a dream and desire to make it big and want to take it as a career.

Personally, YouTube is a great platform to showcase talent. But as a career it is a big no? You can fulfill you hobby and passion through it but as a career you might have to think a bit. Because, if you are going to solely depend on your AdSense earnings this is not for you. Then, you will start doing things just for money but not doing something new. Focus on making a brand and market yourself. It is a great platform for marketing. Yes, people do make money through AdSense, affiliate and sponsorship’s but you never know the YouTube algorithm. It keeps changing. And you might have heard from many famous YouTuber’s, they do not only make money from YouTube, they have many other ways to make money. and they are not dependent for only one source of income.

Spammers Be Away

As I mentioned earlier, if your only goal is money, please leave the platform. Do not make this platform a clutter. Be creative and work hard and make your own name rather than copying and posting fake and scams on this beautiful platform. Give good content to people and get good response from people should be your motto. With good work, money will flow but if you want immediate success it will flunk in the same speed as your success.

How to keep getting new content?

Creating a content is not going to be easy. First few videos, you have ideas on mind. But what after the content is over? YouTube needs consistency, so you can take a small break and come back with a bang and let your followers know. You can ask for collaboration with fellow YouTuber’s. You can go for traveling, get relaxed, go for networking, meet people, all these things will only give you new contents or let’s say help you shape a content. It’s up to you, how you take it.

“Whatever you think of doing is most probably already out there, it’s all about how you create it and make it unique.”


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