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, , 1 Comment is one of the popular freelance company on web. You can find variety of jobs available for you, in

There are jobs related to Websites, IT and software, Mobile Phones and computing, Writing and computing, Designing, Media, Architecture. Data Entry, Engineering and Science, Product Sourcing and Manufacturing, Sales and Marketing, Business, Accounting, Human resource and Legal, Translation, local jobs based on your city and others. You can check all these categories from your account.

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Tips to Make money on

Have at least one skill

Many people complains about not getting jobs on They either does not know how to operate on or they have no any knowledge on any field. If study works are not for you like academic writing, finance etc, please take classes in the institutes nearby in computer or learn from watching videos on YouTube, Udemy, Skillshare, Alison, Khan academy and so on. Before signing up, make sure you know at least something.

Try to avoid Data Entry Jobs as much as possible

Well, data entry is one of the easiest job. No doubt on that. And the readers reading this, who only knows basic computer might even get upset. Not many will tell you, but in my experience I have been scammed a lot on data entry jobs. It is easy to get data entry job, for some it might be a start to freelancer just for review and end up doing that task for free. Its OK, if you do the first job free just for the review. Its OK but its your choice.

Many people posts, too good description and you even get an invite to chat, you feel excited, but what they send you is a long text which talks about captcha and make you dream of millions in a month. You end up doing it being very excited and you lose all your work and money. Stay away from captcha on

Another posts are like, give me $100 skrill, i will give you $150 on Avoid it. They are trying to take away your money.

Also, they are very low paying as many middle person are involved here. If you get the first hand project you earn lot but chances are you will mostly be doing the already outsourced job from an agent’s agent and agent and so on sometimes.

Why half of the data entry jobs are scam?

It is because most of the people has data entry skill. We have very less skilled people. Just to get attention, some even tries posting a job, and in return they ask you to give them a job. It is just a way to get enrolled in a team. This has both the good and bad points.But try and avoid such people as much as possible till you actually want to hire some people.

Check out the verified badges

There are 4 things that you should check in the project before you place a bid. Check the verified badge next to the description of any project. The employer should at least have their payment method verified if not all 4, like email, phone and address. Try to stay away from unverified people as much as you can.

Complete your profile

Fill in your profile completely, like education, skills, publications, your hourly rate, profile picture. Also do not forget to add summary of what you can do. If possible add images of what you have done till now in portfolio section.

Always ask for a milestone

Whenever you bid on project, remember to provide milestone details. Milestone is for security, it means if you ask for milestone, once you complete the job it is sure that you will get your money. Sometime you need to trust your employer too but do not take any chance.

Submitting proposal

Proposal is similar to your CV. You need to read the project description first and make a proposal accordingly and submit the proposal after clicking on place bid. A good proposal has the chance of getting chat invite and awarding the project. If you are new freelancer, you do not have any reviews, so good proposal is the way to get that project awarded.

A skill to market and outsourcing

Once you start getting jobs, you will not be able to do it alone for long time. Outsource it to people when you can, make negotiations, form a team and start working for more money. Yes it doesn’t matter what account you created before you signed up. Even if you created a work account you can easily hire people. You only need to have some amount on your account.

Smart bidding

Your bidding amount is for example $10-30$ for project. Make sure you bid smartly to only $10 or exact $30 including the fees, on your review and experience basis. And the project which has a figure like $10-30 has more fees than hourly figure like $5-$8/hr. But this project amount totally depends on employer, how they want to give money.

No matter what the project amount is set, some times employers negotiate and you either get lower or higher then the amount they previously described on the description. If employer wants to hire you second time, ask them for hourly hire as you will have to pay less fees and vice versa. That does not mean you will need to work one hour for $5 lets say. Even for whole project it may cost $5, just to avoid high fees you will be asking hourly rate. This hourly rate and normal rate actually don’t matter. It’s only the fees on both the sides.

Adding services

Similar to Fiverr gigs, also has the $5 service. If you can get $5 services approved you do not need any bidding. And your payment is almost sure. But as of now, this service has been on halt till further notice. Once, it comes to operation shall make a long post on how to get approved and earn.


Freelancer relaunched how the services work now. You need to complete few projects on your niche. If you complete certain criteria, you are eligible for creating the services. Now, there is no limitation of $5 at first. The pricing depends on the size of the project. In services, you don’t need to bid, people will come finding you. Like before, service could have been great source for your first review, but now you need to go through the bidding and review process first. However, if you have got few projects already, this can be an additional source of income.


Try to be available for longer hours. Mostly when you are a newbie. Newbie has a tough time awarding a project. Try to be online as much as possible. If you are from India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, try to be available at night. As most of the projects are posted at night by the american users. Take advantage by being online most of the time and especially at night hours. Some people likes to award the project in one to two hours, so availability is a must.

Conclusion is a good platform for students or even professionals looking for an extra income to make money online. However, I suggest never leave your job to become a freelancer. After you start getting jobs and feel like now you can leave job, then only leave the job. Most people just do not have patience and start blaming. If you want to work online, just have patience and that one skill which you feel confident about.

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