Tips to Avoid Online Job Scam in 2017


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Online Job Scam is becoming popular with the increase of internet all over the world. However, not all online jobs or make money online home schemes are false.

When doing any form of online job, please do not believe in everything that the agent is telling you. An agent can be a website or a person referring you to do some kind of work.

Is online Job real? We get to hear this a lot. Search Google and Know the answer, how many people are searching for the answer. Whether online job is legit or not you can read the post my clicking the link.

There is so much said and heard about working online. On one hand it is a cool job to have and in the other hand it takes a lot of effort to get job and work simultaneously.

What is Online Job Scam?

Online Job scam means taking away the money of people via websites. They asks you to give your information and take away your money and never return it back to you. And you neither get a job as well. Online Job scam leaves you frustrated, as many people wants the freedom to work at home, the innocent people are fooled and taken advantage of their emotions.

How to avoid Online Job Scam?

It’s simple. Stop believing what you see and start researching about it.

  • Never give any one your bank information while you sign up.
  • Do not fall into trap of people who asks you to invest in so called Facebook Groups. If it was real you don’t need to pay. Some might be real but before you pay do your own research (example, home based travel agent some are real).
  • There is no get rich quick scheme online. NO, YOU DON’T GET RICH IN 5 MINUTES.
  • Avoid the posts which seems suspicious. Like, I am a mom of 6, i always got scammed and now i earn $1000 a day or week, comment of pm me for details. Really? Would you believe this? Then once you ask details they are all ready to scam you, block you or delete the account and run away. Be careful. Don’t get carried away by words.
  • Always remember the true jobs are for free. Yes, some might have membership plans but they also has the free plans. Make use of it.
  • There are people who posts jobs or asks you to exchange money from PayPal to skrill and viceversa. They also writes they will pay you double the money you exchange. NEVER BELIEVE IN IT UNLESS IT IS A ECURRENCY EXCHANGE GROUP OF YOUR HOME COUNTRY ON FACEBOOK OR SIMILAR SITES. Again, before you exchange your e currency on such groups as well , always make sure to meet the person in real and exchange the currency.

How to find a legitimate Online Jobs?

  • When you know a new website, do a research. Go to, check the trust score. Go to search engines, check the reviews of sites, know what people are talking about it. If all the reviews are good, you can sign up and work.
  • Get away from the programs which only asks you to refer people and do nothing more than that. You won’t get a penny for referring people only. There are programs which asks you to do job and for more earning asks you to refer but it is your choice. Search for such websites.  For example, clixsense, neobux, freelancer.

When we already have so many fraud activities online, now the online job scam has become a new form to cheat people for money. We can’t deny that, with every new stuff you have pros and cons. It not only happens online but you can take an example of different other stuffs as well.

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