How to monetize facebook page

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Facebook Page is quite popular among the business person. You can monetize Facebook Fan Page  completely. It doesn’t mean Facebook will pay your page for posts or links.

We see many youngsters as well creating a Facebook Page. Some creates for fun but ends up making it a money making machine.

Businesses can do really well if they monetize Facebook page. 

Monetizing a Facebook Fan Page is absolutely free, unless you opt in to sponsor your page on Facebook.

There are lots of people making money on Facebook without even owning an organization. But later, they tend to have a professional services to offer an get an office for themselves. Have you seen such people? If yes great, if not and want to know their secrets keep reading.

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Is Facebook Page Monetization Real?

Absolutely, Yes! Like YouTube you can upload videos and share with people. You can also post a status and images and share with people. There are other advantages as well of Facebook which you can use to maximize your earning.

How to make money with Facebook Page?

Create a Facebook Page

Creating a Facebook Page is very easy. Log in to your Facebook Profile. Click on the below button next to privacy shortcuts, click on create page and follow the procedure. Make sure you choose the correct category for your page. If it is about meme’s you can choose entertainment category, if it is brand click on brand and so on.

Start Posting and make a Fan Base

Like mentioned above, Facebook is not going to pay you for your status. Don’t have hopes for that. You need to start posting status, images, and videos. It needs to be something interesting, so that other person reading would think of you seriously. Make the people like your page for your content. Invite your friends, or if you have email lists, email people to like you. Increase the likes of your page. Do not go for any exchange policy or bots or buying followers. 99% of the time they are all fake and doesn’t bring any benefit to you.

If you have the budget, rather promote your page through Facebook Ads.

Create Engagement

Having likes only is not a big deal. You need to have engagement on your Page. People should be liking your post, commenting and sharing for real. Do not again force anyone or fall in trap of exchange policy to create engagement. You should have your content rich.

Sell your products

Once you have the reach, and you know people are actually interested on your page, now you can monetize your Facebook Page. You can sell your products easily. The secret formula here is just don’t post every minute and spam the timeline. Make a time table for that. Know when your audiences are online with Facebook Insights on the top of your page. Post accordingly. If you have a Fashion Page, you can sell those products by just having an image, description and contact details.

Affiliate Marketing

There are so many website who has affiliate service. You can choose any one of those affiliate platform related to you niche, make a sale and get commission. Make sure your affiliate links has been posted with a URL shortener link like, and so on. Because long URL are not fancy and some people are even scared to link cause they might take it as a virus. Affiliate Marketing is so popular these days, that it is one of the main source to make money online. You can make good use of Social Media such as Facebook for that.

Send people to your website or an app

If i say, making money online with Facebook Page is not possible without a website or an app, it is somewhat true. The reason is, if you post a image on Facebook it can be seen there for few days, till the other products overlap the old one. Then you need to keep scrolling to search for that product. An app or a website keeps your business organized. People can go to your website and search for the same product they saw on Facebook and you can make sales with that too. Its less of a hassle as well. You can make Facebook Page a medium to make a sales online.

How to create a website to earn money online


If you have a page related to let’s say mobile phones or movies. You post reviews of them every day or week and you have a very good audience and reach, companies will look out for you. They will come in contact and you just need to do their work. They might ask you for a positive review, you need to give them positive review, once they approve you get the payment.

If your page is targeting worldwide, these are the payment gateways you need to have to work online. If its local, then you can ask for payment on your bank account itself.

However, there are also sites like Famebit, which helps to earn money online with sponsorship’s. All you need is to have an active social media page with about 5000 followers and sign up to their website as a creator. Then check on the agencies looking for a person to review. Click on details to know more and contact the agency and tell them how you will promote them. If they hire you, you get paid for the work.

Adding Services

Did you know, you can sell your services from Facebook? For example, if you are a graphic designer, you can sell your logo service for any amount you want to charge. If you have a local page, you can benefit from this service. This doesn’t mean any person outside your country cannot buy your service. He/she can always request you to take your service.

You can read more about it here.

So, guys don’t just waste your time on Facebook chatting. Lets get into some work as well. Make correct use of social media.

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