How to make money online with Udemy?

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Ever heard of Udemy? 

Have you taken any courses on Udemy to enhance your skills?                                                       udemy, how to earn money online with udemy, how much can i make with course on udemy, which is the highest selling course on udemy, how to make money online with udemy courses, udemy affiliate

If yes, you might have noticed, there is a free and paid courses available on various categories and courses.

I cannot tell you if all the courses you take will be useful or not as every instructor has their own teaching style and they are only sharing everything they knows. So grab it as much as you can.

By teaching you free and paid lessons, the instructors are actually making money online. Of course a free course provider is not making money, but it is just a part of strategy marketing. Free Udemy courses are for a short period of time.

When, the instructor has got enough followers and readers, he will stop giving it for free and convert the free customers to paid.

What are the ways to earn money online with Udemy?

There’s actually two ways, you can earn money with Udemy.

  • Become an Instructor

      Being an instructor means becoming a teacher. For example, you are a graphic designer, share your knowledge with others. Make a plan, record the video, edit it and upload it on Udemy. Mark a price for the course, when someone buys it you get paid.

      Another twist is, if you are leaving your promotional activities to Udemy itself it takes 50% off your revenue. So, try to promote yourself anywhere possible, but never spam too much anywhere. Be professional, while you promote.

For more information click here.

How to promote myself?

Social media is in reach of many people. Try social media, if possible try to promote it on Facebook Groups, Forums, Twitter, LinkedIn Groups, Reddit, or anywhere where your niche course is relevant. You can’t post your graphic design course on Facebook group for Politics. Knowing your niche, being professional is the key to success in online market.

  • Affiliate Marketing

      Promote Udemy from your website. Sign up to their affiliate program, if you own a blog. Promote their courses, you will get rewarded with 40% of commission from each sales you bring to Udemy. Isn’t it cool?

Sign up to Udemy Affiliates, click here.

How tough is it to earn with Udemy?

Whether it is Udemy or any platform, do not think it is ever going to be easy. Just uploading video is not the key here. You need to be very knowledgeable on your field, you should be able to answer the queries, define it well so that everyone can understand you. You need to be consistent, know how to market yourself, how to do email marketing and so on. Just having a video and marking the price high just for earning is not going to work here. First build reputation and brand to increase your price.

Keep working harder, get more skills, try to be perfect, shoot a great video and share it among your friends, social media and just keep promoting. You will definitely find success. Also, do not only rely on one single stuff, check out for alternatives as well.

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