How to make money online while traveling

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Traveling is a great way to relax and keep yourself calm and fresh. Traveling is one of the favorite aims and hobbies of almost of us. When someone asks you what you want to do, most of us replies i want to work and so much that I can travel the world.

Today, internet has taken over in so many things. Who would have imagined working from home and making money online? Which means, if you have a WiFi and a laptop you can get connected to any part of the world. You can earn from any corner of the world if the place has a WiFi facility.

We can see a lot of people traveling and making money online today. There are offline works that you can do to earn while you are traveling. But on this article, we will be talking about the ways to earn money online while you are traveling through beaches and mountains.

Do you have any friends who goes traveling for a whole year and still manages to survive without working on offices and restaurant? Then, he/she is probably making use of the Internet.

Making money online is seriously a tough job to do. Some don’t even manage to earn few cents while some earns thousands a month. It depends on your skills and how you manage your time and at the same time be relaxed, calm and have patience.

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Ways to make money online while traveling


YouTube is one of the most viewed website today. Millions of people are viewing the website every second. People like watching informative stuffs on internet. You can just click some pictures and videos about the places you are traveling  or any sort of things you want to share. Then just upload it on YouTube, and monetize your videos. Make sure you add no copyright things. Good thing about YouTube is it is free to upload videos and anyone upload and earn.

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Blog or Blogging has become quite popular lately. Anyone can make a blog. If you can write or share about the things you like, you can write it for public to read. Once you have a reader’s base and get some decent amount of traffic there is no stopping for you. You can blog from anywhere in the world. Monetize your website/blog and start making money online.

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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is not a new thing. It has been there for ages. It means, if someone clicks on the link you put on your blog or YouTube termed as  affiliate link, if the link makes a sales, you earn the commission. And getting any affiliate link is absolutely free.

Sell Books on Amazon

Are you a doctor, a writer, teacher, business person? Doesn’t matter, you can still write a book based on your experiences. You can then sell your books on amazon in the print format or eBook. You can earn money by selling your books online.

Sell Photographs

When we are traveling one thing that we don’t forget to pack is the camera. I’m sure you would click a lot of photographs while traveling. You can sell your best works online, you will be earning quite good with it too.

Become a freelancer

You can take up a freelance work anywhere in the world. You can do translation jobs online, manage social media of businesses, give language lessons over Skype, take up graphic designing or web development, data entry, completing surveys and so on. Any thing that fits you best you can choose and start earning money while you travel the world.

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Set up an online business

Setting up a business online is not tough at all. It can be started off with less investment or no money at all. You can become a home based travel agent, make a ecommerce website, sell your stuff with a blog and so on. You can do this from anywhere in the world.

Is online job a scam?

Well, not every online job is a scam. However, you need to ensure everything till you sign up and start wasting time on some new websites.

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