Make money online being a Content Writer


Content Writer is someone who writes a post for a website on a related niche. They take care of the SEO and research. Content writer is responsible for web marketing.

Many websites are created every day and are in constant search on contents. More the good content, better the ranking of the website.

Content is like food for the websites. It is very much needed to make any website build its reputation.

There has been a rise in the jobs as a content writer. It may be new form of job introduced with the increase in technology but is here to stay.

If you have passion in writing, or has any idea on related niche and can talk about it for hours, this job is definitely for you.

Even if you do not have any experience with a little research and practice you are able to write for the websites already and start making money online.

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Ways to get a job as a Content Writer


There are many clients posting the projects on Freelancer. You can start by bidding on those projects. The price varies with words. More the number of words, the better your pay. You writing should look professional and very knowledgeable.

Tips to Earn from Freelancer


In Fiverr, you can post your gigs. People search for the gigs and buys it. All you need to do it post the gig with an appropriate title and a good description.

Tips to Avoid Online Job Scam

Make Money Online with Fiverr


Iwriter is a platform for writers, You can search for the jobs on different topics. You submit the article to the employers, once they approve it you get paid. The pricing also depends on the kind of member you have and your reviews.

Content writing is not an easy job at all but if you have will and knowledge on a particular area you can be a boss on this field. Many people who does not even have an experience has excelled on this field. Research and working on your writing skill is a key to success.


Even on craiglist, you can find many people posting for jobs. You can contact them, show your portfolio and already start making money online being a content writer.

Offline Options

Since a website has become almost necessary for all the businesses, some people will not look forward for hiring freelancers online. So if you have a passion to write look in to some local newspapers and websites for hiring. Local jobs are more secured and monthly basis than freelancing jobs like mentioned above.

Can I start content writing immediately?

Yes, you can become. All you need is practice and a good portfolio. On sites like Fiverr it is almost very easy to get a job. A little promotion won’t do any harm to your gig. Content writers should be able to take the challenges to write on different topics and niches. You should at least be able to write minimum of 500 words. If the employers demands long length, they will mention you about it and you will be paid accordingly.

Since this is not such a difficult job to do, any college going or graduates can immediately start working and make money online.

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    Your article was great. I write articles on animals, history and travel mainly. I made very good money submitting to Bubblews before they went out. I have also submitted to other sites.



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