How to increase Quality Bid Score in Freelancer


Quality Bid Score is a new thing on Freelancer. is a very popular website to work online. I have already written a post about how to make money online with Freelancer. However, as the time changes, for the sake of quality and brand reputation, one has to go through various changes from time to time.

If you are a worker in Freelancer, you must have noticed a Quality Bid score popping up in every project you open recently. And it also warns you that, if your score is below 75 you will be banned. You should at least maintain 85 and above.

This seems to look great, and avoid the spammers. But we have no idea how do they find out the score.

As an experienced Freelancer, I have seen a lot of spammers, who posts jobs just to check others bids and delete it once your mission is accomplished. Also, there are people who literally beg for job which does not sound professional. To eliminate these spammers, its a good move though.

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How to get good quality bid score?

To be in a good books of any company, you have to follow their rules. If you do not obey them you are fired.

Freelancer is not an exception too. Working online has its own perks and cons like any other job has. You need to maintain your professionalism here as well. Else, you will have to face the consequences.

The very good way to increase your bid score is by not begging in the bid. You need  to have a good command over language first. That does not mean be a scholar. You should at least be able to let the client know what you are best at.

Give a good summary of your previous works, and also let them know about your skills. How much you charge for the project? Question your employers when necessary, it leaves a good mark and impression.

Don’t just bid for the sake of bidding. Your proposal is the main lead to get the job for you.

What is a Spam proposal or bid?

Well, we all are aware of the word Spam already. In freelancing, spam means either begging or writing false proposals. Do not waste others time that way. It is very easy to pick out the odd ones. This way you will never get the work.

Spamming is one of the major problems in internet today. Spamming is present everywhere. Do not be one of these if you really want to achieve something in your life.

So, work on your proposal, try to get a good quality bid score on your proposal, and standout from the crowd and you get the project.

“Be confident, Be Professional and Know your Work.”

“Don’t shout much, let your work speak for you.”

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