How to create a Website and Earn Money

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How to create a Website and Earn Money, how to create a blog and earn money online, how to make money online, how to earn money with infolinks, how to earn moeny with revcontent, how to do affiliate marketing on blogWebsite or Blog has become a necessity for all the organization. Even Individuals are taking benefits from it. For organizations, it may be a platform to showcase their products and services, awards and recognition. For individuals, website is a platform to portray their feelings and a platform to teach what they know.

A diary is a medium to transfer your thoughts on a paper and it is closed, only you are able to read it. Whereas, a website is a such a medium where you can write on a niche you are very knowledgeable of and share it to public.

The great thing about putting your writing on a blog or website is you are eligible to earn money through it. Eligibility highly depends on traffic, you can make it, if you make a continuous effort and grow your blog.

How to make a website?

There are lot of free platform to start of with like Blogger and WordPress which is free to use. But for professional use you will be needing a domain and hosting package to make it better.


A domain is your identity on web. It is the URL to be found on web. Everyone has a different unique domain. Domain can easily be bought for less than $10 a year. If you buy a premium domain it will cost you a lot.

I recommend you to use Namesiloas it is very cheap you can get a domain for $9. Interesting thing about it is, you will be getting a free WHOIs privacy, helping to hide your personal information on web.


Hosting means a space to store your website.Buying a good hosting is a task, as all your presence depends on it. It should be able to be up time all the time. You should not be going offline any moment.

I recommend you to use MisshostingReason, they are very cheap to start with specially for beginners, and their support is top notch. We are a fan of it.

Other Hosting Recommendations: Bluehost, Hostgator.

How to earn money from Website?

The main motto of website is sharing what you already know. There are a lot of monetizing platform suitable for your blog. They partner with companies and shares the revenue with you as a publisher.

Check these out:

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How to earn money online with Infolinks

Google Adsense, Infolinks, Revcontent, etc are good platform to monetize your blog.

Another important part of earning money online is Affiliate MarketingAlmost all niche blog has a affiliate partner. You just need to search for it. For example, if your site is about sports, you can sell sports goodies and so on by being an amazon affiliate marketer and promoting through your blog.


As much as it sounds easy it is not. For being a blogger and earning money, you need to have a lot of patience and a great content. Without patience, you are going no where in the web. You cannot cheat your monetizing platforms, it will work against you. It is your duty to make plans and not getting involved in cheap behaviors like asking your friends to click on ads.



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