How to become a Virtual Assistant and Make Money Online

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Virtual Assistant is a freelancer who provides online support from home remotely. It is not necessary for virtual assistant to be physically available. A virtual assistant is someone who works from home.

Being a virtual assistant online will make you experience a lot of things, So, if possible when you are new to online working you start with being a virtual assistant. It provides you with so much experience and knowledge you will love it.

But before you start, you need to have the skills like, SEO, Social Media Marketing, knows the basics of computer and internet, knows how to email or talk professionally, programming and so on and do not forget to be on time and fix the hours to work.

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What does a Virtual Assistant do?

There are a tons of work in any business, so they hire people to do work. This does not mean a business will hire people for all the tasks. Virtual assistants are mostly hired by the startups who does not have much money to invest on a full time employee.

There is no limit to the variety of work virtual assistants can do.

You just need to be open about doing work virtually.

Note: For such type of work, you need to first search for such task, once you make good relation with employer with good work, the chances are you will be hired again and again and work without leaving your job.

Here, we have categorized few works virtual assistant can do working from home.

Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant

Digital marketing is a long and time consuming process. It includes promoting your website and business everywhere. So, digital marketer look for people who can help them in SEO, SMM and content marketing. If you have the skills then you can become a part of their team.

General or Administrative Virtual Assistant

It is more like being a secretary of any business. You will be asked to send the emails, book appointments, make a call, manage the calendar, file management and so on.

Designing and Programming Assistant.

Designing and programming is not an easy job. You need to assure a lot of things before it gets live. You work will include designing website or logo for business, maintaining and updating the database files, uploading contents and so on.

Content Writing Assistant

Content writing and marketing is very much in demand these days. As a content writer your work will be writing an article based on the keyword research or proof reading. If you are a very good writer, you can opt in for this job.

Editing Assistant

With the increase in the number of people uploading their videos on social media, not all of them are sure about editing. So, rather than giving it to other people they outsource people online for cheap. An editing assistant is responsible for editing audio and video. You may have to remove the background sounds or make the video visually appealing and so on.

What qualities do you need to become a virtual assistant?

You do not need any professional degree to become a virtual assistant. However having few skills is necessary. However you need to have a professional attitude and a good communication skills. You might be working with people who doesn’t belong to your timezone, you need to manage your time with your client. Sometime your client will try to over burden with the work and may reduce your wage or you might not be working on your time. You should have the ability to say no to say to such works in a good manner.

Never become a virtual assistant in a niche you are able to do work. You have to at least have a little knowledge on the work you are about to do, else do not take the work. Your reputation is necessary online to get any kind of work so you need to have a positive attitude.

You can search for virtual assistant jobs on Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork, SEOclerk and so on.



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