7 easy ways to make money online

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how to make money online, make money online, how to earn money online, how much can i earn in freelancing, much much money can i can on online, how to earn in affiliate marketing, how to make a blog, how to become a vloggerTo make money online is not a tough job if you have the skill of computers and internet. It doesn’t matter if you are a programmer or a doctor, internet gives everyone an equal opportunity to make money online.

The interesting fact is Online Job  can be done by anyone, anywhere and at anytime. Most importantly, the students struggling for a part time job can earn a handsome money online if he/she has a required skill to excel.

How to make money online


Blogging has to become one of the most popular ways to make money online. Here you can post anything on one certain niche that you are passionate about. Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert blogging gives an equal chance for everyone for making money online, from behind the computers. If you do not like showing your face to public this platform is for you. If you are passionate about one niche you are passionate about and can tell the world about it, sign up for the domain and hosting right away and get a website for you. One should not stop working hard, this helps you earn good.


Vlogging is getting quite popular these days. It means posting videos on video sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo. Do you like to act? or you want to share your daily life or a motivational video? What are you good at? Even music covers are getting popular these days? What about making your musical debut on YouTube? If you like showing face on camera and not ashamed to show on public, sign up right away. Do take in mind do not ever post copyright or prohibited material that will harm your channel and earnings. Get original.

How to start vlogging on YouTube and earn money online

Affiliate Marketing

One of the most popular form of marketing online is affiliate marketing. Once you start to earn online, this is the term you will often get to hear. It is promoting others products via your blog or YouTube and earning commissions through the referrals you make. If you can market well, this the place you should be. There is not limit at all for your earning then.

Can i use YouTube for affiliate marketing?

Of course! You can. Say some good things about the product and ask people to buy it if they found it useful. Many people are doing it, you can too.

Freelancing and Data Entry

Freelancing and data entry jobs are definitely growing in the world, Today, we can see freelance photographers, designers, programmers and what not? And internet has made it more easy for the freelancers to work more efficiently. Business has gone computerized and a lot of data entries are even outsourced online, from where one can earn money. We can see people making millions doing freelancing and data entry jobs online, this is not scam. One of the best freelancing website is Freelancer.com, feel free to sign up..

Make $500 a month with Freelancer

Advertising in Blogs

Google Adsense and Infolinks are the one of the best place to sign up, show that you can show ads on your blog network and make money with every click worldwide. One can earn very good amount of money every month with a large number of traffic on the site.

How to make money online with Infolinks

Selling own products

If you are a celebrity, you can easily sell your own merchandise online but for ordinary people like us, selling our products is tough. If you can establish yourself as a blogger or YouTuber, you can of course make an ebook, T-shirts, and many other products and sell it online with your brand. This will bring you some extra money.


If you have a huge traffic on your website or blog, a lot of brands are looking out to you for promoting their products with you. Search them out. You never know. Getting sponsored by a brand will increase your value and in no time you will be making a lot of money.

Is it necessary to have blog or YouTube to make money online? What if I want to earn being only on Freelancing websites? Is it still necessary?

Well! It’s all up to you. We are not forcing you to get one. But if you want more exposure this can be a good option. There are people earning without promotion , only freelancing is also getting them their bread and butter, whereas some gets a website and promote their work via online marketing which gets them more exposure and make a living from their own home. We can also see the instances where people get a small office and run the office through online clients only. There are many smart ways you can choose if you want to work online. However, only time will teach you how and where and why you should be doing, once you get matured on working online with your computer.

People says working online part time won’t get you anywhere?

It is all about luck. Some people work day and night and still get nowhere, whereas some works for an hour and get paid a $100.

For example, a new blogger who just started and knows nothing about promotion, and has a tough niche to rank and earn, he will take time earn decent money. Let’s take freelancing site for example, if you are a good designer and can make designs promptly, you give a proposal if you win the bid, you make the sample and give it to the employers, once it got approved, you will get paid instantly.

It all depends on your skill, experience and knowledge on this field to earn. There is no rule that one said you would earn $50 a day and you earn it daily. There are times when you earn 1000 dollars a months and sometimes 200 dollars or not at all.

Its all about hard work and dedication.


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