5 Best Part time Online Jobs for College Students


Online Jobs are best suited for college students. College students are always looking f5 Best Part time Online Jobs for College Students, best jobs for students, how can students make money online, can i work part time onlineor a part time jobs. An easy way to get a part time job is by doing part time online jobs which is very easy to do and make money. With digitization, the scenario of work has also been changed. Now-a-days, companies looks after freelancer online to outsource their work then to hire a full time employer with monthly salary and benefits.

There are many simplest jobs you can do while you are travelling or being at home. All you need is your laptop and WiFi connection.

Why college students should look for online jobs?

The reason is very simple. Because you can work on your own time. You are your own boss. You can work at the comfort of your home with pajama’s on. And no one is looking after you dressing style. You have freedom to work and on your own style. Since, college life is hectic with so many lectures and studying, you may not be satisfied with your part time jobs. Online jobs can be used as a second option to make money. If you really work hard then you can even earn better than those regular jobs.

If you are also one of the college student and looking for the part time jobs. Here’s the list of 5 jobs which you can do at home comfortably and earn some extra bucks.

Data Entry

Today, even a 10 year old can do data entry, with just small hints. It is that easy. Data entry is just typing and making files on excel or word. The nature of job may vary with projects to project but its principle remains the same. Some captcha typing works may need an official software, but it is all free. We can see a lot of website promising data entry job and a huge amount of money, but they also asks you for sign up fee. Most of the websites as such, are scam. Stay away from them. And try sites like Freelancer and Fiverr. These sites do not ask you for a sign up fee, but charges you certain percent after you get paid.

Content Writing

It is one of the most popular jobs online today. Because the website and blogging trend has skyrocketed today. With that the hiring of content writers has also increased. You can earn a dollar per 100 words. This may look too little an amount, but once you sharpen your skill you can demand more. Writing is not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you practice this is not something you cannot do. Many freelancers, takes up the challenge, learn and improve by time. This is the best skill to have to start your freelancing career.

Web and Graphic Design

With so many new companies starting every single day, they are in need of a good logo and professional looking website. The startups are mostly looking for a freelancer then a full time employee for such works, as it cost them very less. If you have a good knowledge of either of the two, you have a good future in freelancing career. People are ready to pay $100 for a simple logo design. The price might increase for web design considering the difficulties and requirements. Both the jobs does not require you a day to complete the work. It can complete in few hours if you are professional.

Survey Jobs

The businesses has become smarter. They constantly aims to improve their products. For this they conducts a survey in large number of people. And what better than online, as it has more reach today. The companies are looking for people to complete the survey and give them feedback. In return, they pay you few dollars. Its a great deal. You only need to answer very basic questions and do not need any brainstorming. It is an easy money, and should not be missed for some extra bucks.


As long as Search Engine and Website exists, the proofreading work will be on demand, as the search engine is continuously looking to change algorithms and clearing contents with many grammatical errors or making error free content on top of the search. If you are a grammar Nazi, this job is for you. This job is paid high compared to the content writing.

Do you have any of these skills to start your online career. Than it is time you open the laptop and start doing it.

Tips to avoid scam on Online Jobs

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